Friday, January 4, 2013


Last year I ran 3 different 5ks. I enjoyed it but didn't really train for them because of a surgery I had back in February. Well thats only an excuse for one race not the other three. Running hurts. Really bad. I do so much better on a treadmill mainly because I think it pushed me to keep going. So this year I want to start running again. Maybe I can get J to run ride his bike while I run to help me train. Too bad he works until 11 and thats a bit too late to run.

2 years ago I was working out at planet fitness with my neighbor and was getting in the best shape since my days working at the airport. My goal is to look like this again!

I got this! Here's to a new skinny me!



  1. Running does hurt. I hated it, LOL. I should start again though to build up my lungs.


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