Monday, January 21, 2013

Princess Party

Haley turned 6 back in December but all her friends we're out of school for Christmas break so my sister decided to wait until January to give her a party. Besides she went to Disney for her birthday so we kinda had 2 parties for her! Lucky little girl!
We had different areas set up for the princesses.
1. Cinderella's Closet
2. Ariel's Hidden Treasure
3. Belle's Boutique
4. Snow White's Sweet Shop
All the girls put on their dresses & headed over to the boutique to get their nails painted! Then we colored princess pictures. We decorated our own cupcakes and had a few snacks. Then we went on a treasure hunt for rings, bracelets & nail polish!
I promise we had a lot of fun! This was when they were waiting to decorate their cupcakes.
I absolutely love this little girl!
Then we had our own photo shoot! They loved this but took some time to warm up in front of their crowd. We even had our own little Prince Charming join us.
I ended up not getting Haley a gift for this party because I gave her the present on her actual birthday. Once she was finished opening her gifts she looked right at me & said "Enna, you for got to get me a present!" Way to call me out sweet girl! I reminded her I already gave her something on her birthday but she wanted something else for her party! I swear that girl is EXACTLY like me!
Who is your favorite princess?



  1. What an awesome party! What a great aunt that sweet girl has. :)

  2. This princess party is so adorable!! Love, love, love it.

  3. Such a cute idea!!! I can see my niece loving something like this.


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