Thursday, January 3, 2013

iPhone Shared Photo Streams

Crazy thing! I was deleting some pictures from my iPhone camera roll the other day and deleted almost all of the pictures of J & I. I seriously wanted to cry! Then I remembered J telling me that you can stream photos from one phone to the next! I swear Apple is amazeballs!

Here I'm going to show you how to do this! You'll be just as amazed as I was! No more texting photos unless you don't have an iPhone. Sorry for your luck.


First go to Settings>Photos & Camera>Share Photo Streams turned ON
Click Photo Streams>+>then add whatever title you want

Make sure you enter the recipients email that they set their iPhone up with or they will not get the stream

{You can add more than one recipient if you wish}

Now the fun part! Add whatever pictures you want to share with that person. Click DONE and it will send them a notification to accept it!

You can continue to send pictures in the same stream to those recipients or you can make additional streams for others. But only you can add to that stream. If they want to send you a picture they will have to make their own stream!


How amazing is that? The other fun part about photo sharing is you can comment on those pictures!

Have fun with this!


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