Wednesday, January 2, 2013

oh sunshiney day

Want something for free?
 No really it's free!
Firmoo sent me some sunglasses to try out and see if i like them. Well I love them. I didn't really understand the Pupillary Distance {PD} which is the width between your eyes. I'm sure if I was getting prescriptive glasses it would make a difference but I don't need glasses.

These aviators are perfect for me! I love big sunglasses and anything that looks like aviators on me.
I actually got the sunglasses pretty quick after I figured out how to go about the process of getting them ordered for free.
So here's the deal. You can get free sunglasses too. Say what?
Yep its true!
The first pair you order is free!!!
From the site: is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices. For this reason, we have gained a solid reputation and trust from almost 500,000 fans on Facebook.

**All reviews are 100 % my opinion.**


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