Thursday, February 3, 2011

what I've been up to...

I've been sick for the last week! I'm sick and tired of being sick! I missed out on half a day on Monday and all day Tuesday at work. It was nice to get away but I have been in a funk since I've been back. The week has even gone by so slow! & now that my phone can no longer be sitting on my desk I feel like I don't even know who my "Internet" IRL friends are! I've spent WAY too much money at the dr and I'm on 5 different medicines! I just can't wait to be 100% better!

I'm excited to host my cousins birthday party at my house this weekend! My new deck is being put to good use! My aunt even hired me to take pictures at the party!I've booked a newborn shoot sometime in February when the baby decides to make a grand entrance and a wedding in April! The last few months I've even taken pictures of a local high school girls soccer team who are now the district state champions! How exciting!!!

I still have yet to post pictures on my blog from our family Disney trip back in November {it was november right} and our cruise that we took in January! Which I was sick on as well! I really should blog more often! But since I can't afford Internet, I can only blog from my iPhone which is a pain in the rear! I'm actually surprised I had this much to write! Well not really there's so much more to write I just can't right now! Or ever! Oh well! Maybe I'll be back soon to blog my cruise and Disney trip! Maybe not!

Jenna K.

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