Friday, January 21, 2011

Date night & More

Last night I had the privilege of taking my favorite 4 year old on a date. We ended up at Build A Bear and Chic Fil A for ice-cream. Seeing the joy on Haley's face makes my heart skip a beat. She told me she had the best day.

See earlier in the day her mommy {my sister} took her to the big library to pick out books. Usually when she goes to her schools library she can only pick out the books that are on the cart. Haley came home with more than 5 books. She loved being able to walk through the library and pick out which books she wanted! She even reminded me that Brother {Ryne} has to stay with someone because you have to be quite and he doesn't understand that yet.

I love walking in the house after being at work all day. I'm greeted by two very excited kids who I adore. I hear a sweet voice say "hellllllooooo" and when Haley saw it was me she runs to give me a hug and ask if I'm done working for the day. Now Ryne has caught on to what Haley does and he runs over to hug my leg! Talk about melting my heart! I have never loved like I love Haley & Ryne.

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