Monday, July 19, 2010

You only turn 16 once

Saturday, my little cousin Chelsey turned 16!!!!!! I remember when she was just a newborn and now she's a beautiful young lady living her life for Christ. Her parents gave her a Sweet 16 because every 16 year old needs a party. AND a deejay! Her birthday was actually in June but all {or most} of her friends were going on our church's mission trip to Argentina.

How darling is this cake? One of my 2nd cousins {I think that what she is} made this!

Such a sweet group of friends.

This is my youngest cousin- Harley- she's 11 and already taller than me! We had to get this picture because she gets tickled that I'm 24 and she's already that much taller than me!

My mom must've gotten the memo that a deejay was going to be at this party! She looks a little too excited to be dancing!

Chelsey- Happy Sweet 16!

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  1. Happy Sweet 16 Chelsey!

    It made me LOL that your cousin is 11 and taller than you; it's exactly the same in my family. I'm a dwarf!


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