Saturday, July 31, 2010


I think I found the color shingle{s} I'll be using for my roof.

Ignore the gold plate at the bottom of the door I'm not crazy about it. Most likely coming off when I get the keys.

I love the porch on this house because of the arches . You can barely see if because of the shrubs. Luckily one of my brothers has a lawn business and can help me maintain the shrubs as well as the yard. Oh and I only have to pay him in double cheeseburgers from McDonalds. {ha}

Which one do YOU think will look best on this house?

The neighbor to the right has a brownish color and on the left has a blueish {is that a word} color

I chose this one and then my interior designer sister also agreed! Maybe I could have a career as an interior designer. But I refuse to go back to school! {I won't tell you that I spelt school wrong just now before I got it right}


  1. You might not get off so easy where your brother is concerned. He may want a double cheeseburger every single day for the rest of his life ;)

    You so picked the right color; it's my favourite too. I think the others are a little dark.

    It's so exciting that you're setting up in your first home. I'm so jealous, but I know it's scary too.

  2. It's a very scary feeling that i've ever had to experience but I'm literally right around the corner from my parents. So I didn't go far at all!

    But I'm glad to finally be getting out of my parents house.

    You're probably right about my brother wanting a double cheeseburger for the rest of his life! if thats what he wants i'll do it!


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