Thursday, July 22, 2010


Who knew that going to Lowe's

& Home Depot would be so stressful!

My new house has 4 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms that need paint! I felt like the paint world was taking over me! I had no idea what color to choose for my living room much less my bedroom!

As for the ceiling fans- Wow- where do I start? I'll take the cheapest one thank you very much! {kidding} I found a few i liked but wasn't crazy over.

I tried to look for a light to go over my kitchen sink.... I doubt I would choose any of those.

Now these! These are the blinds I WANT!

Now onto the refrigerators I know I don't want stainless steel since I'll have H&R living with me.I wouldn't want tiny finger prints all over the front of the doors. So i think I'll stick with the black side by side one.

I don't think my house has a mailbox or not and judging by the picture below I don't see one. Which one do you like?

I think it's time to bring in my sister who has a degree in interior design. Good thing that she's coming to live with me! Free advice!!!

Here are my NEIGHBORS!!! I love them already...{ not to mention it's my best friend from high school & they are about to welcome sweet baby girl Avery in September!

And this... well this is my lovely abode. When I get the keys to my house I'll be sure to take everyone on a tour!

This picture is for all the girls who helped Amber with the garage sale a few weeks ago. I had an 80 year old lady come to me and wanted to buy 4 of these double light switch covers. She wanted to give me .50 for all 4 packs but when I asked her for .50 each she told me she could buy ALL of them brand new for .50. Well she's wrong they were .44 EACH at Home Depot. That lady really did rip me off even though it was a garage sale!


  1. Your house looks so cute, I can't wait to see inside. It's a great size too, I'm sure you'll be happy there for a long time!

  2. You are SOOO cute!! I'm so happy for you.


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