Wednesday, March 18, 2009


During these tough economic times I never thought I would have gotten my raise that I've asked for since about 3 months into my job. Yesterday, the VP of the company made his way down to the beach to have a meeting (like he does every month) with my manager. Well I got a raise!!! But I only get the raise when I sell an estimate that I set up or sell a pest control. It's an extra $5 for selling a pest control and $6 for setting up an estimate that sells. Not too bad since the technicans I work with are always calling in estimates when they are out in the field.

Today has started out AMAZING!


  1. Jenna that's fantastic, congrats!

    It will help soooo much with becoming debt free. I was totally chuckling to myself about your shopping spree the other day.


  2. A Raise is brilliant! Congrats! X.

  3. Please go into further detail on how you asked for a raise. I am needing to do the same thing, and am not sure what the right tact is for doing so. I am scared, almost, to ask!!

    Congrats on your raise, girl, that is awesomE!

  4. Brittney- I have asked for a raise for the last 15 months I've been working here... John Milton (VP) goes to FBC Jax and everytime I see him I joke about me needing more money... So he finally gave in and gave me a raise. I seriously didn't expect it at all!

    I'm not really sure how to go about asking for a raise other than writing an email or talking to the manager about what you're job entitles and what you have taken on since you were hired.

    Good luck!


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