Sunday, March 8, 2009

How I Spent My Weekend

This is how I spent my weekend! My sister, Jamie & her husband Joe were part of the production crew for The Strawberry Pageant in Starke,FL. so I ended up playing with Haley Saturday and Sunday! The first thing Haley said when she saw me was, "IT'S MY ENNA!" then she came running into my arms for a big hug and kiss. She's such a sweet girl. We went back to her house to take a nap while her mommy & daddy finished getting everything getting for the pageant that night at 7. So Haley already had a busy day with her Grandma that by the time we got to her house she fell asleep. I cleaned and baked cookies for her so she could have a treat when she woke up. About an hour later she was wide awake and ready to play. She took a bubble bath with her princess bubbles and we got ready for the pageant. Half way through the pageant she started to get restless so I picked her up and rocked her then she almost fell asleep on my shoulder while patting my back. See I told you she's a sweet girl. Haley picked up that her mommy calls me "Jen" that Haley now calls me "En''! So all of Saturday night I called her "Hay" which made her crack up.

So now just call me "En" and her "Hay"

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