Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday!

This week AJ did not fly into Jacksonville to celebrate mine and his birthday plus Christmas! Who still celebrates their birthday a week later and Christmas a week early. Not me! And AJ's flight did not arrive 2 hours late having me drive to the airport around midnight and then going to work the next morning. I was not tired at all on Friday and still have not caught up on my sleep. I can not wait to go to bed tonight.

I was not surprised when AJ got me the itouch for Christmas! I am not having so much fun playing with it either! I did not play games today at work and I certainly did not show it off at work!

We did not eat La Nopelra's 2 days in a row. Why would I want to eat Mexican knowing I'm lactose intolerant.

Haley did not pull on her stocking that was on a stocking holder to only have the holder come down and nail her in her sweet little forehead! My sister did not freak out having to take Haley to the Emergency Room the night before her birthday party only to have her head glued! Thank God she did not have to get stitches! We also seriously have not made it a year without Haley having a bruise on her head during Christmastime! Is this how every Christmas will be?

Haley also did not grab a Mickey Mouse cupcake from the stove and start singing to herself, "Happy birthday to me" and it was not the cutest thing I saw all weekend! Too bad my camera was not close by to catch a picture of her!

Haley also is not loved at all by so many people! She did not have a lot of people at her party who brought her so many gifts. Jamie's house did not look like Christmas for about 15 people.

I also am not excited about MckMama's Rebel For a Cause where we have raised over $19,000! That is not amazing to me and I could care less about it. I can't wait to hear who won the MckRebel prize!!!!

Now its your turn! Time to be brutally honest with yourself and others who read your blog. Go ahead you know you want to join in on the fun! I waited all day to get off work to write my Not Me's! I look forward to every Monday thanks to MckMama!

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  1. I love La Naps!
    Ya know when it happens again around the same time of the year, I think it's called a tradition?!
    Just kidding! My sons seem to always hurt themselves at birthday parties, vacations, and just before we have pictures made!


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