Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It's that time again. Time to be brutally honest with yourself and others. So go on and head over to MckMama's blog to read more and get the best laugh you had all week!

This past Monday my boss and I did not spot a man who looked just like the man who has been robbing local businesses at the beach. We did not call Jacksonville Beach Police in hopes that this man was the man who has been robbing those businesses for 6 weeks and getting away with it. We were also not hoping that we would get the $1000 reward. We still have not heard if the guy is still on the run but hasn't hit any businesses lately that I know of.

I'm not excited that I have the worst migraine on the Earth right now. I have not taken a 3 hour nap today to get rid of this migraine and I have not already taken 4 Excedrin's that certainly have helped me so far. Seriously people I'm dying over here with this migraine.

Today I did not finish my shopping for Christmas gifts. my dad is not hard to buy for at all. He doesn't have everything that he needs because he doesn't get it in his head that he needs something and he certainly wouldn't go out to buy it that same very day. Maybe the new rule in my family should not be that the entire month of December you can buy for yourself.

Today in Family Dollar some lady wouldn't dare push her husband in line to make sure I would skip them. There wasn't only one lane open during the last 4 days before Christmas knowing people are out buying the last little bit they can. I still did not check out before he did because another lane opened! I did not chuckle inside because his wife did not push him in front of me.

I wouldn't ever take my mom to Olive Garden for lunch on a Saturday. That's the day all the crazy people are out and complaining about something. I'm serious you guys. There was a lady with her daughter and mother who were sitting across from where we were sitting. The salad did not have enough croutons, tomatoes, black olives or dressing on it. The waiter did not try to clean a dirty bowl and continue to place it in front of the lady. She then started to complain about everything. So how can you not continue to look at her with all that complaining. That lady did not ask her mom if she looked interesting because she was about to kill her two blondes. My mom did not tell me this as we were walking out to the car and I did not want to go back in and tell the manager who was now at her table that she threatened out lives. And I'm not kidding about this! Everything was wrong with this ladies order to her at least. She did not get to eat her salad because once the waiter brought her all the extras she asked for her meal came so she threw her new salad bowl into the big salad bowl for the whole table and said, "well great what am I going to eat now." Does she know that there's homeless people who would fight over that food.

Now that I've been completely honest with you head on over for a few more laughs. Hope everyone's Monday goes by fast. Christmas will only be here in 3 short days!

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  1. wow....

    good times good times!

    first of all...that is crazy about the robber! I haven't heard about the robberies out there...I am so clued out lately!
    second of all...why are people like that?! it's almost like they are looking to get a free meal or something. I would be staring too. And trying to kill them with kindness.

    Hope you feel better! Have you drank strong coffee or coke?!

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog...gotta love it!

    Oh and one more thing about your dad...I think all men are like that!


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