Monday, December 2, 2013


Hello all!
I figured today would be the perfect day to sum up the last two weeks of my life.
We had a friend get married last weekend.
Josh had friends come into town.
We ate at this restaurant that is right on the water.
Had the perfect view.
Tried my first oyster.
Loved it.
Steamed is the way to go. Add a little hot sauce & a cracker!
Then we walked around St. Augustine.
I complained about my wedges.
I mean who walks around on uneven brick in wedges anyways?
Not the brightest idea.
 Stopped at a local bar and had apple cider.
Danced the night away at the wedding.
Laughed too much.
Didn't want our friends to leave.
Watched Catching Fire.
Was completely lost since I didn't watch the first one.
Looked at wedding rings.
Only because Josh's friends were looking at new rings.
Worked for 3 days.
 Then is was Thanksgiving.
We ate at my families lunch.
Quickly made it to his parents to continue eating then I got a migraine.
Slept for about 2 hours then went Black Friday shopping.
Walmart wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be.
Went to 4 different Walmarts, Target then to the mall to waste time before going to Home Depot.
My parents bought me a vanity sink for my bathroom.
We ended up with a step ladder, faucet & this really awesome firepit.
Went home & fell asleep around 630 am.

Josh worked Friday.
I had a Christmas photo session back in St. Augustine.
We had dinner and made it an early night.
Saturday we had Ryne's 4th birthday party.
Then our friends were hosting the FL/FSU game which we missed but had a great time playing games & drinking hot chocolate & butterscotch schnapps.
Was terrified by Derek dressed up as "Scream".
cried my eyes out because I thought my life was ending.
Put up my Christmas house lights & tree.
Ate a delicious meal at Outback.
& watched Bad Grandpa. {don't waste your money}
Now it's Monday.
It's my birthday week.
& we're celebrating all week long.
Hello Darling has been so blessed & busy.
We packed up a bunch of orders last night and have a ton more to pack once the shipment arrives!
This weekend I have another Christmas shoot.
Then Josh is taking me to see the penguins!
Sea World here we come!

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  1. Wow! You've been busy, busy, busy! Holy smokes! Thanks for updating all of us on your awesomeness of a life! Sounds so fun to always have something to do! Make sure to take for YOU, too!

  2. Wow! What a fun filled couple of weeks! :)

  3. Sounds chaotic but so so fun at the same time!!!


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