Thursday, December 12, 2013

Be Blessed

Hello there!
Last night I experienced something I've never had happen to me in all my 28 years on earth.
I rushed home from work,
let the dogs out
headed to church to watch my niece sing in her Christmas play which I thought started at 6.
I hurried to park on the street {the only spot available without having to park in the garage},
grab my stuff,
noticed it was 5:57 and rushed inside.
As I was about to walk across the street I heard a man ask me if I'm going to church.
Of course I said yes then turned around to continue walking through the crosswalk until I heard him ask "WILL YOU PRAY FOR ME"
I've never had a random person on the street ask me this.
I had my phone, keys & wallet in hand
but it never crossed my mind that he would steal from me.
I walked back over to him
he held my hand
& I prayed.
He wished me a Merry Christmas and to have a blessed day
& we parted ways.
As I was walking inside I had tears in my eyes.
He doesn't know this but that blessed me more than he'll ever know.
My church is located in downtown & isn't the safest place to be.
There was a cop sitting in his car which is probably why I felt it was ok to pray with him.
& little did I know that the program didn't start until 6:30 so I had plenty of time to stop.
We're all so busy with our lives that we just need to slow down.
The world is so full of hatred.
Slow down & bless someone!
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  1. Jenna, that is awesome. We have been debating on going back to church is this is more reason to go back!

  2. This is a beautiful story!

  3. Such an amazing experience for you! It's true, we get so caught up in today's modern world that the little things just pass us by. I love this post so much. Thank you for sharing!


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