Tuesday, October 15, 2013

PIKO's, Promos & more

Last night I was sitting in my office working on the Hello Darling website when my doorbell rang.

Mind you it's 9:30 on a Monday night.
Who the heck is coming to my house this late that doesn't have a key?
At first I thought it was my neighbor letting me know Dodger was in their backyard swimming again but all the dogs were inside.
Instead I opened my door just a bit to see no one there but a few packages on my front door stoop.
I've been waiting over 2 weeks to get this delivery & it finally arrived!
Props to you Mr. UPS driver for working so late to get my packages to me!
When I opened the box my heart filled with excitement!!!
The PIKOS arrived!
My all time favorite shirt as well as most of yours!

I currently have these 4 colors in stock!
If you're interested in experiencing the most comfortable shirt you'll ever own order here!

I seriously wear this shirt every chance I get!
Dress it up with skinny pants or be comfortable in yoga pants either way this shirt needs to find it's way to your closet!

Don't forget to check out Life:Oceanside for a chance to win a piko or scarf yourself.
Also there may or may not be a promo code for 15% off!
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  1. I am so excited for you and your shop!

  2. ahhhhh piiiiiiiiiiikos! I need one, I am gettting one SOON! love you and watching you follow your dreams, it warms my heart;)

  3. That shirt looks amazingly comfy! I'm definitely going to keep it in mind the next time I have the itch to buy a new top.


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