Friday, October 25, 2013

Happies & Crappies vol: 7

I've been neglecting this little part of the internets I own lately for a good reason!
I've super busy promoting Hello Darling that you ladies all seem to love.
With that said here's how my week has been!
I'm linking up with Stephanie for some
Happies & Crappies.
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Hello Darling has been extremely busy! We've almost sold out of our Infinity Fringe Scarves & Piko tops. Yes these are true Piko's! I've already put in another order for long sleeve Piko's, more adorable tops, leggings, cardigans & more! Right now our Animal Print Leggings are $12.00!
Shop Hello Darling
& just a little hint! If you see our FB ad there's a 10% discount you can add to any order through next Friday! Go like us please!
Tomorrow Josh & I are headed to Tampa for the weekend with a few friends. We're going to Hall-O-Scream & I'm already freaked out! I seriously do not do scary! Walking Dead: I sit in a ball and have to hold on to Josh. After reading about robberies a little too close to home this morning I woke Josh up to walk me outside to make sure I made it safely to my car 10 steps away. Yes I get that scared. But Busch Gardens is going to be fun & I'll probably end up getting kicked out of the park because I don't know how to control my reactions.
Sunday when we head home I already have plans of meeting Hallie! I just pray it happens this time. Even if it's for just a hug and a few quick pictures, maybe some happy tears for finally meeting my bloggy BFF I will make this happen!
Work. Enough said.
Happy Friday!
We made it another week!
Lets hope the weekend drags this time.

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  1. Have fun this weekend and I hope your meet-up with Hallie works out! You are both amazing and lovely ladies! :)

  2. I'm so excited for your shop and I'm glad it's doing so well! You can always feel free to let me do a review hahaha. Ps- I'll be buying my scarf tonight! I'm so excited! They're my favorite.

  3. Work is always such a crappy that's for sure! Enjoy your weekend!!


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