Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Let's just say I'm notorious for falling! 3 years ago I fractured my heel running across the expressway to go to a Jag game. Back in Feb this year I fell off a treadmill while I was running. And this past Sunday I fell off my bike going to yet another Jags game. Yes you read that right! I was trying to jump a curb and underestimated the distance and came down too soon right on the edge of the curb. I fell in front of the Bethune Cookman College band that was playing during halftime. Luckily no one laughed or at least I didn't hear them. I jumped up real quick and started cracking up at myself. What 26 year old falls off their bike? Apparently me!!! I have a bruise on my stomach from the handle bar, a skinned up elbow and two huge bruises on my inner and outer thigh!

What am I going to do with myself?

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