Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

I have enjoyed every bit of this 3 day weekend. I didn't enjoy the 36+ hour migraine that was unwelcomed but it was still a great weekend.

A sweet friend had her baby and I got baby fever all over again!

My hair is actually long enough for a fishtail braid! I also got to have a girls night out with my sweet hair stylist/best friend at panera and saw the blue moon.

We celebrated my sister & SILs birthday with a cookout. Stuffed cheeseburgers, Mac & cheese, corn, funfetti dip, cakes, etc!

Next I partied it up with Jana Kramer with my oldest brother Jeremy. I absolutely love her songs! That's when my migraine started :/ smoke, confined places and loud music don't mix with me!

Dodger went swimming with the neighbors dog and is completely worn out! He also jumped right over the back of my deck chasing a squirrel! He's CRAZY! Luckily he didn't get hurt!

I finally was able to hang the pull backs for my curtains in the living room and watched a ton of LMN!

Hope y'all had a relaxing labor day!



  1. You have to tell me how you do a fishtail braid! I have always wanted to try it!

  2. Oh my goodness you got to see Jana Kramer? I LOVE her song Why Ya Wanna, are there any other ones that you recommend? Also, I used to love One Tree Hill, so I feel like I'd be star struck if I saw her just because of that lol.


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