Sunday, September 9, 2012


A few weeks ago a friend of mine convinced me to try CrossFit. I've heard of it before & even watched a few YouTube videos and thought oh no big deal. Who was I kidding! I died yesterday.

Just the warm up killed me! Then we had a 15 minute WOD. Let's just say I HATE burpees! I HATE box jumps! But I don't mind doing sit ups, rowing or running with an 8 lb medicine ball!

I'm extremely sore today. I barely got off the couch. If CrossFit wasn't so expensive I'd sign up. I feel like that 15 minute workout was better than any day in the gym. Thermacare has been my best friend all weekend!

My face was as red as a lobster when I finished. I'm sure everyone I class thought I was going to kill over.

Katie and I texted each other throughout the weekend with how we felt! She's been taking classes for 4 weeks and has lost 6 inches! Yay for her!

Heres to being able to get out of bed tomorrow.


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