Sunday, October 25, 2009


For the last 5 days I have tried to enter my c.c. number onto my itunes store to update my information. Well apparently itunes won't accept my new information but has held $1.00 out of my bank account. Tonight I decided to call itunes support to get you know support to why this is happening. I would really love to buy new music and a few games for my iPhone but looks like itunes isn't having that!

Here's how the automated call went:

Support: Hi, Thank you for calling Apple support line. Do you have a case number?

Me: No

Support: I'm sorry I didn't understand you. Do you have a case number?

Me: No

Support: Ok please tell me what problem you are calling for.

Me: Itunes

Support: I'm sorry I'm looking for a product like iMac, G3s, iPod Nano...etc if none please say "none"

Me: none

Support: I'm sorry I can't help you since you do not have an iMac computer please visit

Me: No!!!! I've looked and I can't find my answer

So I guess I need to invest in an iMac laptop so Apple will be able to help me with all my needs! Looks like I'll put that on my birthday/Christmas list this year!!!

If any of you know why Itunes is refusing to update my information please let me know what I'm doing wrong!



  1. Just say something or press 0 to get you to an operator!

  2. Ooooh man I hate macs. I have to work with one at work. That sounds just like a mac phone call too. Grr.

    Hi! I'm Mandy and I'm cruising with you in January!! I just thought I'd come say hi! :)


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