Monday, October 26, 2009


Today I got an email for the MckCruise I'm taking in January!!! There's 25 of us going with 2 kids! I think I counted right? But Its been amazing interacting back and forth with the ladies and men who are going on this cruise! I'm getting that much more excited to cruise with them everyday! And today just proved how awesome this cruise will be! Don't worry for those of who you couldn't come I'll be sure to take lots of pictures! We only have 84 days and counting til we set sail!!!

With the cruise springing upon me I just realized that in less than a month my nephew Ryne will be here!!!! I can't believe how fast my sister's pregnancy went this time around! When she was pregnant with Haley is seemed like forever before I got to meet/hold her. This coming Saturday I'm hosting a baby "sprinkle" with her mother-in-law and I have a friend making the cake! (pictures to come of the cake) I can't wait to have a nephew! It makes me so giddy inside!

And speaking of Haley if you follow me on Twitter (jennadk since I'm completely private unless I confirm you) you will have already read this but she called last night to speak to my mom (Gammy). This is how my conversation went with her:

Me: Hello

Haley: Enna I just want to talk to Gammy!!!!

Me: Ok well I guess I'll talk to you later!

Haley: ok!!!

Wow well I guess she can just talk to me on Saturday during the "sprinkle"! Isn't it so funny what little kids say!

I think I'm back to blogging again! Hopefully I won't take another blogging hiatus for no good reason!

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