Monday, August 6, 2012

Im here!

This weekend has flown by! Just like I thought it would. But it has been amazing! I've enjoyed every minute and savoring each moment.

I got carded at a bar for ordering water! Crazy right! I do look young but goodness people I'm 26!!!

We went to the movies today to see Total Recall. As we walked away from the concession stand AJ dropped his drink sending it splashing all over us! Luckily we had free refills! The drink cost $5.55 and our movie tickets were
$6 each. Crazy right?

I'm going out for a walk later this evening to get pictures of this gorgeous church up the road while he's in class.

We've had nothing but fun this weekend. I love the way things are going but still keeping my heart guarded!


1 comment:

  1. That sucks about the drink!Thank the heavens for free refills. lol.


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