Friday, August 10, 2012

Hands down the best concert

Tonight I let Luke Bryan shake it for me with the biggest smile on his face! I have a 10 minute video of that song but I'm still trying to get it uploaded. But for now here's a few pics from tonight's amazing concert with Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan. {sorry if you follow me on insta but most of these have been posted}

There wasn't a single empty seat in the house! & it was super hot from sanding like a crazy lady for those fellas! I wish this night didn't have to end. I also wish August 7th didn't greet me so fast while I was in PA. But at least all good things must come to an end right!

I'll get that video uploaded as fast as I can along with lots of pictures of those guys! Y'all are going to die over them! No lie!

Hope y'all have a wonderful Friday!


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