Friday, August 10, 2012

Early release?

Since I have a Luke Bryan hangover I think this is necessary for this fine Friday! I wonder if the boss lady will go for it since I already had Monday and Tuesday off. I won't know unless I ask!

Speaking of Luke Bryan he's shaking if for me through the radio right this second! Oh I can just imagine this night all over again for the rest of my life! His wife is lucky. Just as I am too!

Why don't we get early release days like the kids in school? Seriously I'd love half days once every two weeks without killing my personal time off!

Why do we work 5 days but off 2? Who thought of this nonsense?

Want to know what's awesome? My manager. She just walked in the door with this amazing Tshirt!

Go JAGS!!!

So keep shaking it for me Luke! I'd appreciate it as well as all the other ladies in the world!


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