Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Wednesday

Today was completely random. H woke up sick this morning so I ended up staying home with her until my mom got off work. She was going to come into work with me until she started throwing up. I guess the bug is going around. So many people have had this nastiness and I refuse to get it.

 I guess this is my new face. I have no idea why I take pictures like this but I guess you can say this is my "I'm bad to the bone" look! ha 

 Look who finally is showing off her baby! Don't you just want to pinch Maxi's chunky cheeks! She's too cute for words and I love LOVE love her name. 

As I was heading into work I saw this SUV with a couch on top. Umm seriously people? 

Look how gorgeous the sky was after a thunderstorm. I love living in FL.

He seriously loves me and I love him. 
{I hate how my iPhone makes my pictures so blurry when using the front camera}


While H & I waited for my mom to get home she showed off her missing tooth and we had girl talk. She is such the diva. She coughed and thought she was going to vomit so she grabbed the bowl, coughed into it then said "oh my I thought I was going to throw up". Her momma definitely has her hands full with this sweet girl. By the way the tooth fairy is really generous these days! She ended up with a $20 bill under her pillow. Ummmm What! I think I only got like a $1 for my teeth growing up. 

{Happy hump day}


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