Friday, May 11, 2012

Blind Date Gone Bad

.... ok let's put it out there. Blind dates are awful! You have no idea what the guy is going to be like. You only know how he is via phone calls and texts. 

Well this is in my situation. Dinner went good but when it was time to leave I have an uneasy feeling so I let my BFF know that I may need her to pick me up. We my date and I get in the car to leave {not knowing where we are heading because he wont tell me} I start texting my BFF the entire time. We pass this little fair that is in a shopping center parking lot & to make conversation I say oh I hate those rides I'd only get on the ferris wheel he then asks if I like taking risk. Heck no not on those rides the carney's put up in just a few hours. {yes I'm aware they have regulations to follow}He then decides that he's going to take off at the red light, weave in & out of traffic with no hands & drive upwards or 80 mph. Are you kidding me!

 If my dad, brother, or anyone else who truly cares about me knew he was doing this that guy would have a lot of explaining to do. I mean what if something happened to the car, or someone hit us, or he hit someone...etc. how would he feel? 

 I immediately told him it would be best if I had my BFF come pick me and for him to let me out at Adventure Landing. I got out of the car and already had my BFF's husband on the phone. As I went to shut the door he tells me to get back in! Ha are you crazy no way! "Oh well I'm a gentleman so I'm not leaving" ummm if you were a gentleman you wouldn't be putting my life in danger! 

 Now I keep getting texts from him saying he's a hot mess and asking me to forgive him &asking if I could grow past this . 

 Absolutely not dude! Get help! I'm swearing off dating until I find the right guy.


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