Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Warrior Dash Pics

This past Saturday I ran the Warrior Dash 5k. I only did it for the fun & experience not time. On the way to Live Oak it started pouring.

It continued to rain on & off until the time came for my wave to start the 5k. As we were making our way through the woods it was lightening and thundering so bad that people were slowing down so they wouldn't slip or maybe get struck by lightening.

We got to our first obstacle which was a 3.5-4 foot wall that we had to climb over then go under another wall 3 times. Luckily I had on gloves which gave me a little bit of grip but not much. We then made our way through tires that were hanging, balanced over beams as we walked up and over it, crawled under barbed wire, climbed a 70 degree angel wall with a rope that I almost slid back down. If I didn't have Billy and a random stranger help me I would've slid back to the bottom. We made our way over cargo nets, up another wall and down a pole, jumped over fire and crawled through a mud pit.

I was so glad to see the finish line. My body still aches from using every last muscle I have. Next year I'll make sure I train before I do it again! I was glad to be running this Dash with the guys I work with since they encourage me daily to work out and pushed me to the finish line.


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