Thursday, April 5, 2012


I had to take Dodger back to the vet today due to his incision leaking. He licked at his sutures last night while he should've been sleeping and it became infected. He ended up with the infamous "cone" around his neck that he sported for a little bit. Then when the incision wouldn't stop leaking I took him back in to be monitored until I got off work. Lucky for us, I get to bring him to work with me until he recovers. When I picked him back up at 5 the doctor told me not to laugh at him because the only bandage they had was purple and pink. I think he looks adorable all wrapped up! This has definitely helped since he's unable to lick at the sutures but I'll drop him back off tomorrow morning so they can check and monitor him again.

I was talking to my best friend today about this whole ordeal. I have no idea what I'm going to do if and when I ever have babies. I almost had a panic attack dropping him back off at the vet. I'm not going to lie I cried in the car before returning back to work. I know he's going to be ok but seeing him in pain is killing me. When Oakley got neutered and was declawed I was fine since at the time I was working at an animal hospital. But not being able to check on him when he's there is making me go crazy.

Please keep me & Dodger in your prayers.


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