Thursday, September 30, 2010

House Warming Party

I know I'm 3 weeks late posting this but I've been absolutely busy lately. I closed on my house August 19 and got completely lost going to closing. What a nightmare~!!!! Then I took the wrong amount of money to the cloing table so the lady at the title company was a big ole jerk about be bringing more money! She held my house keys hostage! WHAT!!!! I mean its not like you don't know where I just bought a house at!

So before I moved in I went ahead and painted all the rooms! After 2.5 weeks of painting, peeling wall paper, cleaning, building my new closet, buying all new fans and blinds I was ready to move in! There's still a little bit of trim I need to paint but I have 30 years to get to it! I ruined 3 pairs of yoga pants and endless numbers of shirts because I'm a messy painter. So if you happen to see a sale on t-shirts and yoga pants feel free to buy them for me and/or let me know!

Anyways, I had my house warming party two weeks ago and felt so blessed by everyone who came. I ended up getting a bunch of cleaning supplies,dishes, skillet, gift cards to Publix, Big Lots, Home Depot, Lowes, Bed Bath and Beyond, flash light and batteries, flowers and a number of toiletries! Now I just need to finish writing my thank you cards! Volunteers are very welcomed!

I've already had a slumber party with my bestfriend I've known since diapers! And she's staying again this weekend! I love owning my own house!~ Well, except for the fact I have bills upon bills upon bills. My JEA bill was definetly lower than I thought it would be! That was a blessing in disguise.

Also, another good thing about living on my own is that I'm not eating my mom's home cooking so I'm losing weight! A few people have already noticed!!! Now if I can only get back to the size I was in high school I'd be one happy girl!


Ryne's room

Master Bathroom {which is incredibly small}

My bedroom

Jamie's room

Jamie- Haley & Ryne's pink bathroom

which is super long!

Haley's pink & white room

Living room

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  1. I love yours', Jamie's and Haley's bedding, it's really cute!

    Your house is pretty big, I love how you've decorated it. Happy Belated Housewarming xxx


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