Saturday, October 4, 2008

lonely weekends

So I've come to realize I'm a horrible blogger! I guess I just don't find time to tell everyone everything going on in my life! But when I'm home alone with just the dogs it gets kind of lonely. The house is quite except for the fans that are constantly on keeping me cool. Both dogs are sitting by the door depressed because my mom isn't here and their waiting on her arrival. (sorry to say it will be tomorrow Khloe and Lola) Today I had the chance to see Jamie and Haley! Of course we went shopping and Haley knows I'll buy her whatever she wants! Is that a good thing or bad thing? Here's a sweet picture of her from tonight!

How sweet is this picture!

This weekend I was able to watch Fireproof! I must say that if you haven't seen it yet to please take the time and watch it. It was so encouraging and made me realize that the way I am to some people should change. I need to respect them and love them more.

The Lord has really blessed with me so many changes in my life right now. I've never really experienced Him answering my prayers like I have lately. I went to the Town Center just last weekend and if you've ever been there you'll know that its impossible to get a decent parking spot just to go in one store. So as I was rounding the corner I prayed that if God was on my side to please just give me a good spot just so I can run into Sephora. Well as soon as I was done praying the very first parking spot right in front of Sephora was opened! PRAISE YOU JESUS! I couldn't believe it!!! I actually teared up knowing He answered my request that quickly!

I've been going back to church recently and I'm so glad because I have actually been able to catch up with old friendships! Its nice to be able to talk to Godly friends again. I wish I never quit going to FBC Jax but I've learned a lot in the last 5 years of not being in church every Sunday!

Well thats about it for now so hopefully I'll continue to blog again soon. Oh and I still haven't been able to upload that video from Khloe & Lola's birthday! I told you I'm a horrible blogger!

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