Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Hottest Gifts This Season!

So Christmas is only 9 short weeks away! Where has this year gone? Its time to start shopping around for the hottest gifts and the best prices! So far here's what i have found that i think the people who I care about most will love!

I've found that the Flip Camera is one of the hottest electronics this season! I would love one of these but I know a few other people who need it more than me. Its pretty awesome. Instead of having all those USB cords around the house the USB is attached to the camera and very convenient to keep in your purse.

As for this little toy I just thought it would be fun to play with in the tub!

Haley loves playing in the bath tub and the other day at Target she saw the Hungry Hungry Hippos game and loved the hippos....so I figured she may want these hippos to play with in the tub!

This year is all about Haley. She loves playing kitchen and cooking everyone including her babies and stuffed animals food! She's going to have a blast with these kitchen toys!

I absolutely love Sephora makeup! This is one thing i cannot live without!

And as always you can never go wrong with gift cards! So be expecting Chic-Fil-a, Target, Walmart, Peir 1, and Dick's Sporting Goods cards from me!

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  1. Hey girl! Cute blog! I love the videos of Haley :) Hope you are doing well!


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