Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Khloe & Lola

Jamie and Joe went to church camp at the end of July so we got to keep Haley at our house for a week! Boy was that a blast! We had a birthday party for Khloe and Lola on August 4th since both their birthdays are in August. Haley gave both dogs a birthday present (rawhide bones), we had cupcakes and ice cream (the dogs too), birthday hats, noise makers, and sang happy birthday! SO here's a video of how excited Haley was to celebrate their birthdays!

Oh right... Haley loves opening the dresser drawers in her room so while me and my mom weren't looking she pulls out 1 of 4 bibs in the drawer! Please take notice of what it says! She really loves her Enna!!!

We were so busy all week trying to keep Haley active and on the go. We took her swimming, fed the ducks, played at the playground, exercised with Gammy and Enna(seriously she'll show you how to do squats), and Haley HAD to fed the dogs every night! I took lots of pictures so I'll try to post a few on here.

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