Thursday, July 24, 2008

Its been a while

So I realized tonight that it has been such a long time since I've blogged! A lot has happened since what October... Haley Rose has turned one and is now talking like crazy. My new name from her is "Enna" and she loves it when we go shopping,
me and AJ have been together for over a year and no there's no talk of marriage right now. We're actually trying to save money to pay off all our school loans and my car payment before we start to talk about FOREVER! Well I guess I should be honest, he's saving the money while I spend it! Oops...lets see what else has happened since 10 months ago... a bunch of my friends have gotten married, both my brothers got divorced, I moved in with Josh for a few months but I'm now living back at home, well just a lot as you can see.

I went out of the United States for the first time in May with AJ. We went to the Caribbean and stayed at an all inclusive resort. I must say the food was horrible but the view was breathtaking! We met 2 other couples while we were on the bus from the airport to the resort...we actually do live in a small world. One of the couples (Lins & Joe) only live 2 hours from AJ and the other couple lives in North Carolina. Aj and I have had the chance to meet up with Lins & Joe twice since we've been back in the States. We met for lunch on our way back from Pittsburgh and also again for July 4th in Baltimore, MD.

And just last weekend AJ surprised me with Kenny Chesney tickets at the Lincoln Financial Stadium with a few of his friends. I will say the the north does get hot! We were tailgating before the concert and it was about 95 degrees out! Of course me being from the south I wore my cowgirl boots without socks and ended up with blisters plus being very hot! Next time I'll make sure I wear flipflops.

I know this post was all over the place but I wanted to catch up just a bit. Hope you all enjoyed but it's time for bed! Sleep well and Sleep tight!

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