Thursday, November 14, 2013

Catching Up

My goodness.
It's been way too long.
From someone who used to post M-F I just can't seem to find the time to document every little detail of my life any longer.
Hello Darling Boutique has been so busy, my photography business has started to get busy, and my normal 8-5 job is just getting in the way. ha.
Although I'm thankful to have my 8-5 job don't get me wrong.
Hello Darling has so many new beautiful arrivals and my all time favorite has been this Aztec Tribal Cardigan. {don't mind my roots it's been months since my hair has seen my hairdresser}
I feel like the only time I have to relax with my feet up is when I'm letting the pups outside.
The weather has been the perfect temperature & the smell of the huge magnolia tree that sits in my backyard is the perfect place to relax. 
Over the weekend Josh & his buddy Derek were able to finish putting up the privacy fence. Dodger no longer can go swimming at his own will.

This week the weather has been all kinds of cold.
I came home to a 64 degrees house and 3 cold pups. Then I went to Josh's place where it was 67 degrees! Seriously the guy loves this weather & even wanted to open the doors and windows.
Hello Darling just received a huge shipment of Fleece Lined Leggings & I may have saved a few for myself. They definitely kept me warm all night and even today. Get yourself a pair or two!  

So now that I have kind of caught up from almost two weeks ago lets see if I can continue.
I really need an assistant part time! Which I guess I have since my model lives next door to me! :)
She's been truly amazing and hasn't complained once about the many outfit changes just to get the perfect lighting!
Happy Thursday!

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  1. I want to be your model!!!!

  2. love the blog! Sounds like you need a nice relaxing weekend :)

    xo & now following

  3. All your new items make me anxious! I need to see these! Give me that website again, please mam!


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