Monday, July 9, 2012

Coke Zero 400

Saturday night Billy & I headed south to this place.

After living in FL my entire life I have never been to a NASCAR race.

Growing up my dad always watched the races on tv and I would fall asleep just watching the drivers drive around this track 160+ times. I mean how boring is that?


Daytona International Speedway is amazing! The fans are even more amazing!

We spotted quite a few mullets! I'm not hating on them just thought I'd see more than these 5...

Coming onto pit road a car pushed another car into a car that was getting new tires! yikes! thankfully no one was hurt and no CAUTION laps were needed!

I learned a lot from the guy sitting next to me! Apparently to them this race was boring because the cars on the outer lanes were trying to get in the front and all they were doing was falling behind.

I think I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time. Watching the cars drive 200+ miles an hour was just amazing.

Oh hello there my fellow NASCAR fans!

If you've never been to a race before you should. Its such a fun experience and you may just become a fan! I'm excited to watch these races with my dad now.


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