Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Must get skinny again

I have a confession to make!


I've gained all my weight back that I lost last spring! Shocker? Not for me. In the midst of working out I met a guy, C, pretty much quit working out although we rekindled at the gym. I went to high school with C except he graduated 2 years before me. I ended up losing 23 pounds, was able to fit into my bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding in June then started to notice I was gaining those pounds back. So now I'm back to square one and needing to lose weight because y'all my SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!

She got engaged on thanksgiving and I couldn't be more ecstatic for her, H & R!!! She's getting married in May 2012 and once again I need to get skinny before her big day!

I started working out again but not only just trying to lose weight. I want to run a 5k!!! My neighbor/best friend {a girl can never have too many BFFs} runs 5k and 10k races almost every other weekend. Y'all remember Amber right? She was working out with me the first time to lose all her baby weight. Let me tell you.... She is hot! I'm not kidding either. Every time I see her I think that I should/would've looked like that if I just kept going to the gym. But no I was dumb, found a guy I was interested in and gave up the gym along with the healthy lifestyle I was living.

This past Sunday I started running in my neighbor to train for this 5k I already registered myself to run on February 4. I ran/walked 1.17 miles in 17:36 minutes. To me thats not bad considering I HATE running! I can't figure out how to breath and run at the same! Then I get aggravated about being breathless and stop running. I'm determined to run the entire 5k no matter what. If it takes me and hour to run it I'll take it! But Tuesday night I went running with Dodger and ran further without stopping to walk than the first night plus I ran a mile faster! Who cares if Dodger was pulling me the entire time at least I kept running!

So here's to getting skinny before May and running my first 5k in less than 3 weeks and counting!

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  1. You're gonna do an amazing job. I wish I could go with you two. It would be so much fun. I miss the gym so much!


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