Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When it rains it pours!

Lately I've noticed my car having a hard time starting. So this morning when I was ready to leave for work my car just wouldn't start! I thought maybe I ran out of gas but then I remembered that I always look at my gas gauge because I'm so afraid of running out of gas! So I knew I had more than half a tank! Then it hit me! Like a ton of bricks! No really not bricks but it did hit me that when I went to the Michael Buble concert the guys who jumped my car due to me being so excited to MB that they warned me my battery would soon start to die!

Just when I get my car paid off, buy a house, and have all these extra bills, something would happen to my car! I had a dead battery! I know it could be a lot worse than a battery but for someone who is trying to get all my bills in order really didn't want to worry about this! I called the only number in my phone who I knew could help me jump my car and He came to the rescue! I actually work with John so it worked out.

As soon as I was back on the road to work I had this feeling that when it wa time for lunch my car wouldn't start. Luckily, we have a maintance shop when my old manager's husband works so he was able to order me a battery for cheap! Well cheaper than auto stores. After John jumped my car again I was on my way to get my new battery installed. {Is that what its called}

Anyways, a a joke my manager wrote me up since I was ate for work! The excuse says it all here! I'm just thankful that I love my job and get along wit most of everyone I work with!

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