Thursday, June 3, 2010

Peterson Wedding

One of my best friends, Ashley, married her soulmate, Donavan, who happens to live across the street from me. When I first moved into the neighborhood 8 years ago, Donavan actually wanted to take me on a date. Little did he know, my dad made him fill out a "date my daughter application". After 20 questions- he failed! Needless to say Ashley married him and I did not. He's absolutely perfect for Ashley and brings out the best in her. She's moving out to Texas with him in August so he can finish up school.

Me & Ryan

Love this picture Kris captured.

All the crazy groomsmen

The lovely bridemaids

The hot couple

Mr. & Mrs. Peterson

**Side note: Some pictures were taken by Kris Judd**

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  1. you look so stinkin cute! The wedding looks like it was a blast!


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