Saturday, June 26, 2010

Game Night

It seems like the older I get fun is still be had by all! Last night I went over to a friends house to have game night and eat dinner! Amber and her husband Kris had a few of us get together last night since Amber is 6 months pregnant and has kidney stones which causes her to not want to do anything after work but lay down! {sorry for such a long sentence}I don't blame her. But she's still stunning as her baby bump grows!

I can't wait to meet baby Avery in just a few short months and take her newborn pictures.

We started the night by eating Shepard's Pie or as Richard would say " German Shepard Pie"

The picky one out of us all!

The we moved on to play Apple to Apples. If you have never played this game you are missing out! Well we missed out on the real way to play for the first 2 hours.

Then someone had a bright idea to switch up the cards and play the opposite way since the green cards were running out so fast.

Then Donavan read the box and indeed it said, "pass out 7 RED cards to each player then one person picks a GREEN card to read aloud. Pick a RED card you would think best belongs with the GREEN card." {or something of that sort}

Needless to say laughs were had by many!

Of course I brought over the electric ice cream maker and had what tasted like chocolate frosty's from Wendys. Sorry Dave Thomas, but I know your secret recipe for making the most delicious Frosty ever!!!

Then the ladies talked about buying houses {which if you follow me on Twitter or FB you'll know I'm looking to buy a house so my sister & her 2 babies can live with me}.

Next thing we know its after midnight and I still had to drive around the corner to go home. I wasn't sure I was going to make it since its just a long way away. I'll have you know that I made it within 15 seconds and was in bed 10 minutes later!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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