Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm going MCK Cruising!

Thats right y'all! I'm going on a cruise with MCKMama & I'm thrilled,excited, flabgastered! WOW this is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I can't give details (I'm sworn to keep it a secret until the list has been made) but I'm about to explode with JOY!!

I'm trying to find a good group of girls to cruise the Caribbean with me! It's a 7 night cruise leaving the from Lone Star State. If anyone is interested on cruising let me know because the $250 REFUNDABLE deposit is due August 9, 2009.

I'm starting to save up for this cruise because it's a once in a lifetime cruise that I will NEVER forget! I'm excited to meet the MckFamily who I prayed over while Stellan was in the womb. Read about it here!


  1. That's awesome! When I read her blog post about that I thought of you and how you would probably go haha!

  2. Thats funny how you thought about me! I can't help that I'm loving the MckFamily!

  3. I'm still thinking about it...I really want to! 7 days would be nice...........
    I wonder if PC will be there for my man? Hmmmmm


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