Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's time to confess what I did not do for the last 3 weeks. Yes I'm aware I have not posted since the beginning of June but I've had a lot going on. So here's to my confessing!

I did not get asked if I wanted a promotion at work. My VP couldn't even tell me what my raise will be. If I do indeed take this position I won't start until October or November. This position is a lot closer to home so I will not be saving money on fuel. I should know at the end of June what this job pays. So it's a wait and see game. I'm interested if only the pay is right!

I did not take Haley to Chuck E Cheese by myself on Saturday night. That would just be too insane for one person to do. I didn't take my eyes off her for even one second. I think she could tell I was nervous and was the sweetest angel ever!

I also did not stay in my pj's until 5:30 Sunday night. That would be mean I'm too lazy to get ready for the day. I also did not get ready just to go to the store to buy apple sauce and sour cream to make apple bread. I'm really not that lazy I just wanted a weekend to relax like I've had the past 3 weeks!

I also am not scared of my first wedding I'm shooting on Saturday. I hope I get the perfect pictures and they all turn out wonderful!

Shutterfly did not offer me a free 8x8 album to make! I had 20 pages to make and it is just the cutest book ever! I'm sure you can guess who the book is all about! :)

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  1. First wedding shoot!!! Congrats!!! Hope everything goes well!!!


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